Prof. Ho Tu Bao

Vietnam Institute for Avanced Study in Mathematics, John von Neumann Institute (Vietnam)

Title: “Data Science: A Key In The Digital Transformation Time”

This talk consists of two parts. First to discuss the decision making in a digital economy and a digital society, as well as the relationship between AI and recent ICT breakthrough including data science. Second to illustrate the power of data science through problems and solutions in medicine, transportation, customer relationship, and more.
Ho Tu Bao graduated (1978) from the Faculty of Mathematics -Physics, Hanoi University of Technology, MA (1984) and Doctor (1987) in Artificial Intelligence at the Universite Paris 6. He has been doing research, application and teaching since then in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Data Mining (DM), and more recently in Data Science (DS). He has been professors and emeritus professor of Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) since 7.1993. From 4.2018, he is Professor of John von Neumann Institute of VNUHCM and Head of Data Science Lab of the Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics (VIASM). He is members of the Steering Committee of PRICAI (Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence), PAKDD (Pacific Asia Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Chair 2014-2017), ACML (Asia Conference on Machine Learning, Co-chair 2013) -2016).

Asst. Prof. Suthee Chantrapunth

Defense Technology Institute of Thailand

Title: “Blockchain Technology in Defence”

Asst. Prof. Suthee Chantrapunth, Ph.D. (Group Captain) is now the expert at Defense Technology Institute and Assistant Professor at Air Force Academy in Thailand. He receives BS in electrical engineering from Texas A&M University and MS in computer engineering from Wright State University, USA. He also obtain MBA and Ph.D. in development administration from National Institute of Development Administration, Thailand. His research interests are mainly on the cyber security, information system, and military computer applications.
His CV is as following link:

Takako Hashimoto

Vice President, Professor, Chiba University of Commerce
Director, Institute of Economic Research, Chiba University of Commerce
Visiting Researcher, UCLA (2015)

Takako Hashimoto graduated from the Ochanomizu University, and received a Ph.D. in computer science, specialization in multimedia information processing, from the Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering of University of Tsukuba in 2005. She worked at the software R&D center of Ricoh Co. Ltd., in Japan for 24 years, and participated in the development of many software products as a technical leader. She has a rich project management experience including international collaborative research handling as well. From April of 2009, she was involved in Chiba University of Commerce as Associate Professor. In 2015, she has become Professor of Chiba University of Commerce. In 2015, she stayed at University of California, Los Angeles as a visiting researcher. She has become Director of Institute of Economic Research, Chiba University of Commerce in 2016 and the Vice President of Chiba University of Commerce in 2018. She has served as an Associate Editor of Journal of IEICE Data Engineering and Information Management and IPSJ Transactions On Databases (TOD). She is an Board Member of the Database Society of Japan and IEEE Japan Council. Currently, she has focused on the data mining research and the social media analysis, especially topic extraction from millions of tweets related to the East Japan Great Earthquake. She is developing the high performance feature selection technique for big data. She’s also conducting global researches for developing the social media analysis platform in multi-language/cultural environment.